Fun reading for mid-graders and young adults.  Or
adults of any age!
Computer gamers are headed to an elite summer
camp in the Rocky Mountains, only to find
pitched in a real-life battle against
gnarly counselors, mother nature, and unseen
forces at the camp.  

Reluctant first-time camper Cappella Birdson and
the high-strung
teenage gamers she bonds with
discover the nefarious secret behind the camp’s
operations, and it’s up to Cappella to save
everyone before it’s too late.

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A novel by Stan Mays
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Copyright 2005-2011 Stan Mays
All rights reserved
Book cover design and illustration by Robert Cook
Wicked Little Camp Story
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Praise for
Wicked Little
Camp Story
“I am ashamed to
admit that I
neglected my
students most of the
day because I did
not want to put the
book down! I was
truly riveted by the
action and

"The characters were
fun and interesting
and the plot was
mind-blowing. It
really got me
thinking that this
could be made into a
blockbuster hit, just
Holes..." (more)

“This wonderfully
witty story with
characters is a treat
for all ages
... (more)
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