Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts.  I really appreciate them! – Stan
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“I am ashamed to admit that I neglected my students most of the day because I did not want to put the
book down! I was truly riveted by the action and excitement. The story certainly has a broad appeal--
adventure lovers, computer geeks :), girls and boys alike. As the mother of girls, I especially like your
strong lead character and am anxious for my daughters to read Wicked Little Camp Story. I am not sure I
can make the book signing on Thursday, so look for my name on a pre-ordered copy! Thank you for letting
me read your book; I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Terri Cyphers
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Spring Forest Middle School
Houston, TX

"Thank you so much for visiting with all my English classes at Cinco Ranch Junior High. The kids loved it!
It was wonderful to see them engaged and excited on the last Friday before the end of the year. I actually
heard students talking about how they wanted to read the book over the summer, now that’s incredible.
You have a great way of interacting with the kids and getting them interested. I especially loved the part
you shared about keeping a writer’s notebook. I recommend that also, but hearing it from a professional
makes it seem like a more important thing to do. I had never thought of saving magazine pictures of
people to use as characters. That is one activity that I have on my list of things to do with my students next
year. Thank you was again for sharing your time, book and insight about being a writer with my students."
Kim Warwick
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Cinco Ranch Junior High
Houston, TX

"I just wanted to say that I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were fun and
interesting and the plot was mind-blowing. It really got me thinking that this could be made into a
blockbuster hit, just like
Holes. It would be incredibly fun to see the characters spring into life in the form of
actors, and to watch the plot progress before your very eyes. All in all it is a must read for anyone who
enjoys fun and adventure."
Dylan Peele
Austin, TX

“This wonderfully witty story with irresistible characters is a treat for all ages”
A.J. Trautmann
San Antonio, TX

It was quite a page turner. The way you laid out the plot made me want to keep reading, and the suspense
was great. I really like your style and hope you will come out with more books because I will definitely read
all of them.
Nyssa Peele
Austin, TX

“DEFINITELY the COOLEST and most entertaining…novel I have EVER read!!!”
Griffin Byatt
Houston, TX

"This is your favorite nephew Hunter.  I thoroughly enjoyed this classic masterpiece, I didn't know anyone
in our family was capable of writing a book, and a good one at that.  Not only was it well written but it
flowed nicely until the very last page.  I loved the full descriptions of the characters as well, I actually felt I
was accurately imagining them.
Hunter Robertson
Your favorite nephew
Novi, MI

(Stan's note:  I love all my nieces and nephews the same, but Hunter has just demonstrated a unique
brilliance and ability to brown-nose that I now consider him to be first among equals.)
Commendations for Wicked Little Camp Story
A novel by Stan Mays
Wicked Little Camp Story