About The Author
Stan Mays is an accomplished writer who penned numerous
award-winning television, radio and magazine ads before
discovering the joy of writing fiction.  He and his family live in
Houston, Texas—except in July, when Stan shuttles his kids to
summer camp.

Wicked Little Camp Story (Booklocker.com 2005) is Stan’s first
published work of fiction.  He also has written
Taps For Vince,
a short story about a young trumpet player whose response to
the call of duty changes his life.  

Stan has several other works of fiction in various stages of
development.  He will post information or samples of these
works to this website in the future.
Taps For Vince
Wicked Little
Camp Story
Fiction by
Stan Mays
Stan Mays Photo
Photo by Lindsay Mays
A novel by Stan Mays
Wicked Little Camp Story